About US

Stated Meetings meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 7:30 pm. We welcome visitors.

Our membership reflects the Masonic principle of equality. We come from diverse economic backgrounds, occupations, religions, races, and origins. We meet “On the Level.” Our foundation is a common belief in God.

  • 1st Chartered in 1865.

    A.F.A.M. Mount Moriah is a blue lodge

  • About our name Mount Moriah

    The lodge was named after Mount Moriah, a hill in Jerusalem which was the site of King Solomon’s temple erected around 1005 B.C.

  • Membership

    We have over 400 members

  • Based is Towson, Md

    Mt. Moriah proudly serves the community in the heart of Towson Maryland.

Principal Officers

Ron Salazar
Ron Salazar
Worshipful Master
Justin Wingerd
Justin Wingerd
Senior Warden
Raul Z. Marquez
Raul Z. Marquez
Junior Warden

Mount Moriah 116 is located in Towson, Md