October 2017 Communication



         Ever since I moved here in Maryland, autumn has always been my favorite season. The weather is cooler, watching the vivid colors of the trees and the beautiful fall foliage is something that I look forward to every year.


            We have so much going on this month starting with our annual Memorial Service on October 3rd.  We will honor and remember those Brothers who have laid down their working tools and passed to the Celestial Lodge above. We will have dinner at 6:30PM and host the family and friends of those departed Brothers.


              Harvest Home Day is on October 7th and we are again fielding 2 teams on this year’s Corn Husking competition.  Mt. Moriah has always had a good turnout at this event and I’m looking forward to seeing you again this year.


              As previously communicated, we will be voting on the proposed merger with Tuscan Lodge on October 17th. Included in this communication are the details of the merger, as presented by the committee last month. I ask that you come out and take part in this process. If you have any questions or concerns, we can address it on that night as well.


               On the same day, the class will stand proficiency in the FC degree and if found proficient, we will confer the MM degree on Bro. Romer Donato. Since this will be a very busy night, I will request dispensation for us to start early at 7PM. The other brother in the class, Bro. Sorin Sandor, will have his MM degree conferral done during the Past Master’s Night in November.


               Finally, please take time to read our charitable foundation’s president’s message below. I ask that you support this noble cause. Let us keep in mind that charity extends beyond the grave through the boundless realms of eternity.



              Enjoy the crisp air and golden colors of autumn!



Sincerely and Fraternally,


Randie V. Ursal

Worshipful Master

Mount Moriah Lodge Charitable Foundation – Relief in Our Community

YOUR Charitable Foundation is on the move doing the meaningful work of charity.  As many of you may have seen, YOUR Mount Moriah Charitable Foundation has been recognized in the press and social media outlets for some wonderful work that we have been blessed with the opportunity to undertake.  This month I would like to highlight our sponsorship of local High School “Necessity Rooms”.  These rooms were established by a grant from the Mount Moriah Charitable Foundation Board in the amount of $2,000 to each: Parkville, Loch Raven, Towson, and Dulaney High Schools.  The Necessity Rooms provide essential items, in a discreet and dignified manner, to students that are homeless and hungry.

Brethren, the number of students attending our local High Schools that are genuinely housing and food insecure is staggering.  Consider for a moment, a kid, a child that is suffering consequences impose upon them that make simply going to school a heroic effort.   And also consider, that we can do something to aid and assist that requires so very little of us. Aiding and assisting a needy school child, seeking knowledge, enlightenment, and betterment is a most Masonic calling indeed.

Therefore, the Foundation Board has committed to a sustaining partnership with local not-for-profits that have volunteered to operate these rooms.  As such, a donation box has been placed near the doorway leading to the large meeting room.   We ask that each of us, EACH TIME we come to a meeting or function (faithfully) bring a donation of non-perishable food, personal care & hygiene, new clothing, or a grocery store gift card (the volunteers use these cards to stock the rooms).  And of course, we will always take monetary donations mailed to the lodge and made payable to: Mount Moriah Charitable Foundation (notated – H.S. Necessity).

Suggested items are: Individual lunch and dinner items (non-refrigerated – dehydrated microwavable), tuna fish and crackers, peanut butter, canned meat, pillows, pillowcases, bed sheet sets (twin or queen sizes), men’s and women’s body wash, men’s and women’s shaving cream and razors (in small packs); lip balm, Toothbrushes (individually packaged) and toothpaste, Laundry pods (large bags are broken up into small bags for students personal use), paper towels & toilet paper (4-pack only), men’s black and white ankle athletic socks; women’s ankle socks, Umbrellas, stylish rain ponchos, rain boots, Men’s medium and large boxer brief underwear. 

*And gentlemen let’s not overlook the young ladies in need as well; perhaps our wives and daughters can assist us and share in the blessings by putting together a donation as well.


I am so proud of my lodge and its efforts thus far, and am extremely eager to witness the generous outpouring of relief that those HUGE MASONIC HEARTS have in store for these children.  Thank you, and may God’s benevolent blessings be abundant to you and your families.


Bro. Gregory Jones

President – Mount Moriah Lodge #116 Charitable Foundation