March 2017 Communication

We are back in our home after being away for a month due to the renovations. Last month, I
presented to the lodge my budget and the activities that we plan to hold this year. We have two major events coming up in the first half of the year, The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Tour and our annual Summer Picnic which will also be our Open House (see “Upcoming Events” section for more details). I look forward to seeing you in these events. 
On our first meeting this month, I encourage you to come and support the class as they
stand proficiency in the EA degree and advance to the FC degree. This will also be a good opportunity for you to see the newly renovated lodge room.
Growing up in the Philippines, March is a month that I look forward to as a kid, for it is
the time when our school year ends and summer vacation begins. The same can be said when we moved here as the month of March approaches, it signals the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. Thus, the weather feels better and with this beautiful Spring weather just around the corner, I would like to invite you to come out and join your Brothers as we walk in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 12th
Assembly time and place:
  • 1:30PM, near The Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon, Baltimore.
  • You can also join us for some lunch fellowship at The Owl Bar in Belvedere Hotel before heading to the assembly area
Also, don’t forget to make your reservations for the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner on March 21st,
featuring Bro. Schott’s famous corned beef.
Sincerely and fraternally yours,
Randie V. Ursal
Worshipful Master