June 2017 Communication



        How time flies and we are already in the middle of the year. At the beginning of this year, I asked that those who prefer to receive their monthly communication by Email only to make a request to our Secretary or myself. So far, we have a good number of Brothers who responded and if you haven’t done so and wants to do the same, just send in your request.

      This month, we have so much activities going on in our lodge starting with our Annual Strawberry and Service Awards night on our first meeting. We will have Brothers who will be getting their 70, 60, and 50 year Service Awards. I encourage you to come and bring your family with you.


       Let me share to you a very significant event that will be commemorated in the Philippines this month which has Masonic relevance, and that is its Independence Day (June 12th). The first President of the Republic, Emilio Aguinaldo, was a Mason, and he once said, "The successful revolution of 1896 was Masonically inspired, led, and executed, and I venture to say that the first Philippine Republic of which I was its humble President, was an achievement we owe largely, to Masonry and the Masons.". We are going to celebrate this occasion with a Colt Night on our second meeting and we will have some Filipino delicacies as refreshments.


       Finally, on the 24th, it is our Annual Summer Family Picnic and Open House. You can find the details in the Events section. I would like to get some volunteers to help out especially during the Open House. If you are available, kindly get in touch with me.



Sincerely and Fraternally,

Randie V. Ursal

Worshipful Master