April 2017 Communication

We, as Masons, are taught to have Faith in God, Hope in immortality and Charity to all
mankind. Charity is considered to be the greatest, for it extends beyond the grave through the
boundless realms of eternity. Let us continue to practice this principle in any form or gesture and
leave a positive impact on other people’s lives.
The Mt. Moriah Charitable Foundation allows us as an organization to render charitable work
to the community as well as within our lodge. One of the programs that needs your attention is
the Scholarship Program for eligible students of Mt. Moriah members. This year, we have set
May 15th as the deadline for submitting the application. If you have someone in your family who
will benefit from this, send your application to me or any members of the Charitable Foundation.
On our first meeting this month, our very own WBro. David Sandy will do a presentation on the
topic of “Ancient Metallurgy and Masonic Symbolism”. Then, on our second meeting, we are
bringing back the “Order of the Rusty Nail”, which will refresh your memory about the degrees of
Masonry and make you feel comfortable visiting your Lodge as well as other Lodges.
As previously communicated, our Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Tour will be held on the 6 th of
May. We also got our dispensation request approved by both Grand Lodges (MD and PA) to
confer the MM degree on our current class at the GL of PA Masonic Temple. Kindly make your
reservations by April 21 st or as early as possible. (see Upcoming Events for details).
Sincerely and Fraternally,
Randie V. Ursal
Worshipful Master