From the Desk of the W.M. Lodge No. 116 Towson, Md.

Regarding: Temple Closed


Read carefully. Find the attached.

The building will be closed, until the public authorities remove the state of emergency. Therefore, all activities and Communications will be postponed or will be canceled for the foreseeable future. As W. Master, I will keep you updated.

As someone, who does not drive and is part of a community sometimes at higher risk for isolation, the disabled, I sympathize that these times can be isolating. People with chronic conditions, such as Diabetes or such as depression, may be uniquely impacted by this public health emergency. First, know that the officers are here to be an attentive ear, if not provide a hand. All of us can, however, undertake steps to assuage the certain anxiety caused by the current state of emergency, if not manage our health status.

I know that it may seem axiomatic that exercise reduces stress. Yes. However, it is important more now than ever. I argue that, as leaders of the public, we must show a good example. So, if you are interested, once I determine the technology; please feel free to join me, as W. Master, once a week during the current crisis for virtual yoga. Find articles on the benefits of exercise.
Article found in Harvard Health,
Article found at National Institute on Aging,
Article that provides certain coping related tips,
Article on blind people, the outdoors, and yoga, found at Blind Alive,

From a non-sectarian sense, as the attached indicates, research and data shows increasingly the benefits of prayer. If you want an attentive ear with the Brother Chaplin and me, let me know.

If there are brothers, who lack an abundance of touch points with immediate family or with extended family and would benefit from assistance; please let me know.

Note: There are opportunities for us to broker together or convene together virtually in a non-tiled sense. (More on that in the future.) In the interim, I welcome brothers to contact me, if they are interested to serve in a new position I am appointing at the lodge: Director of Digital Content.

Regardless, this is an opportunity, more than ever, to demonstrate our core beliefs to the civilian, non-Masonic, public. As a lodge, our storied brothers and officers have served Towson specifically and Maryland more broadly since 1865, undergirding civilian life, all the while also ensuring the continuation of Masonic affairs. I am confident that our best days are ahead, especially in terms of the incredible team of officers I have the opportunity to serve during my 2020 tenure who, I know, will serve the lodge well for years into the future.

If I may be of service, please do not hesitate to telephone me or to transmit me a text-based message.