February lodge events

In February, we will have Tuscan Night.

On February 8, the brothers of Corinthian No. 93 and Mount Moriah No. 116 will collaborate in raising six brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason. (Four of their brothers and two brothers of Mt. Moriah who have advanced through their process.)

Light breakfast at 9 A.M. The gavel drops at 10 A.M. If approved, the lecture will be split-up among Masters, or Past Masters, of the lodges.

Past Master D. J. Ports will serve as the lead lecturer.
G. Norman will deliver the 47th Problem of Euclid.

Later that same date, consider joining G. Norman, the First Lady, and Bowie in Washington D.C. Ill. Brother Past Master Ken is a co-chair or honorary co-chair of a fundraiser gala occurring at the French Embassy, https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sweethearts-and-patriots-2020-tickets-71016366865

The W.M. is also looking possibly to organize a road trip of anyone who wants to attend. On 22 February, the free, and annual, symposium in honor of Brother President Washington’s birthday will occur at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. (Old calendar 11 Feb., modern calendar, 22 Feb.) See, https://gwmemorial.org/

If you want to be involved, such as a Past Master who can deliver one of the emblems, contact the W.M.